Kelp farming in Australia with Auskelp (video)
The Australian seaweed farmer Auskelp, managed to grow their first Ecklonia lines! Ecklonia radiata is an excellent kelp species for farming. SEAWISER is excited to be part of this development!
SEASEEDER presented at Seagriculture Conference
Seawiser presented the SEASEEDER at the Seagriculture conference, last month in Trondheim! At the moment we are planning the next series of machines to be build and before the coming deployment season. Please contact us and ask for an offer! Download the SEASEEDER Brochure (PDF)  
International Seaweed Symposium 2023
Scaling of seaweed cultivation at International Seaweed Symposium 19-24 February 2023
The 24th International Seaweed Symposium will take place from Sunday 19th to Friday 24th of February 2013 in Hobart, Australia. With the theme ‘Seaweeds in a changing world’, the conference focusses on ongoing changes in seaweed aquaculture practices, industrial processing, future products and markets,...
Seagriculture conference 8-9 february 2023
Job Schipper on scaling seaweed farms at Seagriculture Conference 8-9 February 2023
On the 8th and 9th of February 2023, the first Seagriculture Conference Asia-Pacific took place online. Ever since 2012, the Seagriculture Conference has been organized in Europe. As the Asia-Pacific commercial seaweed market is expected to reach nearly 16 billion USD by 2029, this edition was dedicated...

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