SEAWISER is an independent and experienced partner in seaweed farming, working with clients all over the globe. The enthusiastic team is formed by seaweed entrepreneur Job Schipper and experienced researchers Danny van Ierland and Kasper van Kraaij.


Our mission at SEAWISER is to provide the best possible integration of biological needs and technical solutions to maximize the profitability of your seaweed farm. We bring fifteen years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your farming goals.

The connection between biology and technology

We believe in the power of integrating biological requirements with technological possibilities in our approach to seaweed farming, from seeding and cultivation to pre-processing and storage. This approach ensures that we create the most economical and efficient solutions for your seaweed farm.

Our experience with a wide variety of seaweed species enables us to provide tailored support to your farm’s needs, like the best propagation and seeding methods or a cultivation rig concept that suits the environment of your farm. We have extensive knowledge on various kelp species, including genera Laminaria, Saccharina, Alaria, Undaria, Macrocystis, Ecklonia, and other genera such as Ulva and Palmaria.

Job Schipper, Seawiser's seaweed entrepreneur holding cultivated seaweed at Solund, Norway.

SEAWISER integrates the biological needs of seaweed into technological solutions

Scaling up for a Continuous Supply

At SEAWISER, we are passionate about advancing seaweed farming to a larger scale, making a steady supply of seaweed biomass available year-round to clients in food, feed or other industries.

Our team gained invaluable experience by establishing our own small-scale farm in Norway, as part of our involvement with Hortimare. This hands-on endeavor taught us the specific opportunities and challenges of setting up a farm in a sheltered area.

Today, it has become opportune to upscale farms up from 100 tonnes wet biomass to an ambitious 10.000 tonnes. Growing the seaweed industry starts with a continuous, predictable supply of seaweed biomass of an agreed quality. We are well-equipped to help you achieve this ambition.

Towards Off-shore Farming

For some seaweed farms, scaling up may mean transitioning from in-shore to off-shore sites. Off-shore farming is still in its early stages, but companies are gradually moving to more exposed locations to take advantage of increased space and improved seaweed quality. At open sea, we experience generally less fouling pressure, which enables year-round farming.

SEAWISER has conducted thorough research on the requirements of off-shore farming and works closely with simulation experts to design ocean-stable systems. These systems will be designed specifically for the site we select together. We are thrilled to share our experience and expertise in site selection and seaweed rig design to help you make the most of your off-shore farm.

Seaweed- technology offshore installation with Seawiser's buoy