Our lab team is currently involved in various seaweed research projects as a subcontractor, bringing to the table our in-depth knowledge about seaweed propagation and seeding to improve the reliability and economy of the propagation and seeding process.

SWD Connectors

SEAWISER partners with SWD Connectors, an international team of senior experts that provides top-level seaweed consultancy services and research. They cover all aspects along the seaweed value chain, ranging from breeding to biorefinery, and from farm design to supply of seaweeds. They can help you to develop your ideas and materialize your projects, products and/or seaweed business.

SEAWISER’s director Job Schipper is part of the SWD Connectors’ team of advisors, along with Theo Verleun, Bert Groenendaal and Javier Infante. The scope of SWD Connectors thus includes the experience of SEAWISER. However, SWD Connectors may contribute complementary with knowledge on, for example, seaweed processing. The SWD Connectors’ team is also capable to carry complex multidisciplinary projects like performing a due diligence assessment or a full-scale farm development.

For inquiries about SWD Connectors, please contact them directly via


SeaMark will demonstrate how to scale up innovative seaweed cultivation and processing into price-competitive product applications making the entire supply chain attractive for commercial investments. The SeaMark consortium comprises multi-disciplinary experts across 12 countries including 12 industry partners with expertise in multiple industry sectors. Together they will develop 12 innovative products for market uptake, setting up an Industry Purchasing Group (IPG) to guarantee the commercial uptake of results. SEAWISER contributes to the project by scaling the seeding technologies.

SeaMark is part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.


Launched in 2018, MacroSystems represents an international collaboration initiative of highly regarded researchers and entrepreneurs in the seaweed industry. By applying science, innovation and expertise in growing premium quality seaweed for sale and for research, the MacroSystems team intends to demonstrate the economic feasibility of commercial-scale seaweed cultivation in an offshore environment. The project specifically focusses on a species named Macrocystis pyrifera, Giant Kelp. The main innovation components of MacroSystems are to use selective breeding to increase harvesting yield, and to apply ground-breaking direct seeding on specially designed substrates to save time, energy and money in the hatchery phase.

MacroSystems is funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) Mariner program.